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  • Alex Brito


Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Jesus said that Christians are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). However, if almost half of the population in London claims faith in Jesus, why is this place getting "darker"?

A lot of those who call themselves Christians are nominal, de-churched or consumer Christians. Let me unpack it.

Nominal Christians claim faith with their mouths but not with their hearts. In simple terms, they are fake. The de-churched Christians claim faith with their mouths but their hearts have been hurt by the church. In other words, they love Christ but despise the church of Christ. The consumer Christians claim faith with their mouths but their hearts are too selfish to love others.

It is clear why many claim faith in Jesus but don’t shine Jesus in London. Their hearts have a second agenda. However, how can we fix this? We simply need two things, the gospel of Jesus and the people of Jesus.

Paul says, in Romans 1:16, that the gospel is the power for salvation. The gospel has the power to change us. The power to help us to become more like Christ. To use an analogy, the gospel is like a flame which burns from inside of us in a such powerful way that can be seen from outside of us. That is how people can shine Christ in London. Through the powerful and life-changing gospel of Christ.

However, in Romans 10:14, Paul asks, "How are they to hear [the gospel] without someone preaching?" Paul is basically saying that unless we share the gospel, people will continue in darkness. People won't shine Christ unless their hearts are also burning with the gospel of Christ. So, we must proclaim it so that others can hear it and be changed by it. That's the reason why we are here on earth, right? We're here to get to know Jesus in order to become more like him.

Let me conclude with three suggestions for Christians with the flame of the gospel burning in their hearts.

First, share the gospel with a nominal Christian. Second, use the gospel to treat the wounds of a de-churched Christian. Thirdly, remind the gospel to challenge the selfishness of a consumer Christian. By doing these three things, you will be shining the light of Christ in this dark city and helping others to do the same. So, be the light of Christ in London.

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